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The River Limmat flows with obedience, Through Zurich's city, a sight to see, Conforming to the land with grace, But in its depths, a subtle trace. A couple walks along its banks, Their freedom found in nature's ranks, Their dog running through the grass, A scene as lovely as stained glass. The lanterns light the way at night, A guide for wanderers in sight, The river whispers secrets old, Tremendous stories it has told. To listen closely is to hear, The echoes of the past draw near, The river's song of help and love, A melody from heavens above. In Zurich's heart, the Limmat flows, An autoimmune force that knows, The power of water, earth, and sky, A place where spirits soar and fly.


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It doesn’t take two to tango! It takes many to tango! Join us in our dance.

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