New (Object) Order

Christoph Hänsli
Eduardo Rubén
Francisco Sierra

New (Object) Order
Opening: 30.8.19 from 18:00

30.8.19 – 26.10.19

What does a metal rod, ashtray and ventilation vent all have in common? These are some of the subject matters that will be presented in Last Tango's upcoming exhibition with Christoph Hänsli (b. 1963, Zurich), Eduardo Rubén (b. 1958 in Havana, Cuba) and Francisco Sierra (b. 1977 in Santiago, Chile). In New (Object) Order, featuring mainly painting and works on paper, Last Tango breaks away from its usual pairing and invites a third artist into the mix.  

Versed in the skills of hyperreal painting and drawing, this threesome convincingly create visual illusions of reality or morphed realities. In New (Object) Order the featured works are put together in a delicate dance with clusters of mental associations in the hope that viewers engage in an 'intensity of looking' (Berger). Light handedly arranged, the featured artworks try to push the viewer's notion of awareness, perception and representation, in the hope of evoking associations related to ideas of confinement, the everyday, texture, perspectival space, the haunted, linearity, freedom and dystopia.   

The practice of the trio embodies an uncanniness and absurdity as in the following bar joke: "A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar. The bartender looks at them and says, 'What is this, a joke?'" 

Through the seduction of painting can the semantics of objects be thought of differently? Magritte's epic title Treachery of Images (1929) comes to mind, but here what surfaces is not related to the gap between language and meaning, but rather one that relates to subjectivity, context and culture.