Sarah Margnetti & Megan Rooney

Opening 01.03.19 at 6pm
01.03.19 – 04.05.19
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This exhibition looks at the potential of the fragmented body: fluid boundaries and vulnerabilities expressed through the medium of improvisatory mural painting, trompe-l'œil and sculpture. Fragmentation, experienced here both in formal and abstract articulations, makes palpable the somatic and emotional potential of the body. Recalling Lacan’s notion of the fragmented body when viewing the show, one is able to experience the self as an imaginative creation, not constituted as an atomic individual but rather as a liminal space between language and society mediated by one’s own body.

Fatigued by notions of identity as something fixed, self-contained and centralized, the body in question is an ambiguous one: at times fleeting with Rooney and other times eerily recognizable with Margnetti’s bold yellow body parts. We come to experience lullabies of blushing labias and lips and the stubborn nudges of monumentalized nosey noses and sensing ears steadily disrupting the status quo.

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